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Satisfied guests, the elimination of their health problems and guaranteed welfare are the objectives of the Medical Tourism DMC. The set goals are achieved by providing real and quality information in the shortest possible time, based on which the potential customer decides on visiting Slovenia, in pursuit of an appropriate destination for medical services. We guarantee that all information is based on expert opinion of qualified medical personnel, so we eliminate uncertainties, fears and concerns which arise in the process of decision-making, planning and during medical journey itself.

We listen to our client needs and we stay connected with them throughout the experience. We are a facilitation service, not a medical advisory service. We give the clients all the necessary information which they can use in order to make their own decisions, together with their doctor. We do our best to meet our client’s expectations and find the best healthcare solution for them.

Our goals are establishing active direct communication between the client and physicians, as well as medical facility before the trip begins. We do not have a physician-patient relationship with our clients. We advise you to seek a qualified health provider which can help you with your medical condition and medical trips to Slovenia.

Experience and knowledge which we have in Panoramic Travel Group, whose core business is basic tourist industry, provide quality tourist services, necessary for the medical travel such as you expect. Our goal is building business relationships only with the best certified medical facilities and experienced physicians.


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