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Provided information. Quality guaranteed.

Knowledge of the destination cultural specifics, required procedures and quality of provided services is the key to a successful medical trip. Medical Tourism DMC, which combines a renowned medical professionals and a team of committed tourism professionals is here to provide all required information before you decide for medical treatments. Demand the best when it comes to health.

Destination Management assistance. Individual approach.


Once you have made your decision, we will take it from there, and help you make your medical trip as easy as possible. We will make all arrangements with the doctor and hospital and coordinate your travel itinerary.

Here are some of the services of Medical Tourism DMC which are offer to guarantee your comfort and enjoyment after and during your stay at the destination:


  • Meeting at arrival at the airport.
  • Private transportation to the hotel or private clinic.
  • Selected quality accommodation facilities.
  • Pre-arranged hotel check-in.
  • Private transportation to and from doctor consultation.
  • Private transportation to and from medical procedure.
  • Interpretation assistance at hospital or clinic if needed.
  • Provided 24 hour communication assistance.
  • Follow-up care at hotel.
  • Assistance with local tour and excursion arrangements.
  • Providing information about local dining, shopping, and pampering facilities.
  • Providing information about local culture and customs of destination.
  • Assuring that customer is comfortable and content at all times.
  • Arranging for airport medical assistance upon arrival or departure if necessary.


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