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Natural therapeutic factors.

The emphasis on a healthy lifestyle at Slovenia’s natural spas is based on a centuries-long tradition of thermal treatments and experience in the fields of balneology, climatology, and thalassotherapy. Their holistic approach to treating guests revives several long forgotten forms of treatment and respects the experience of traditional medicine from distant countries. Excavations from the period of the Roman Empire bear witness to Slovenia’s rich and diverse culture of thermal baths, documents from as early as 1147 describe the use of thermal springs, and research has demonstrated the healing qualities of our mineral waters that have been appreciated for more than four centuries.

Modern natural spa tourist centers have become one of the most outstanding elements of Slovenia’s tourist offer. Their increasing focus on developing a broader tourist and recreation offer has led to their redefinition as “thermal spas” and “wellness centers.” Numerous innovations in their offer reflect their dynamism and their openness to adapting to new trends in spa and leisure time tourism. At the same time, they have welcomed and incorporated ideas about “health resorts for the healthy,” about creating entertaining water recreation parks for tourists, and about combining centuries of tradition and experience in balneology with some lesser known Eastern philosophies and methods of treatment that add additional charm and attractiveness to their offer.


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