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DiaGenomi Ltd. established in 2010, is a young, high-tec Company with services and solutions on three different areas of molecular biology. Company offers genetic analysis of cardiovascular system, which enables and suggests to individuals guidelines for better and healthier life style. It is important to add that, the company offers tests that are different from other existing solutions, which are today available on the market. At DiaGenomi Ltd. they are fully focused on the holistic approach in treatment of particular diseases or threats and are therefore including beside the genetic script also influence of life style, family history and general health of patient.

The company is also focused on the education in developing molecular techniques, especially in PCR technology in real time. They have developed a unique and their own branded software for preparation and analysis of experiments.

The main efforts of Diagenomi Ltd. is to be involved also in basic scientific and research work in the field of cholesterol metabolism, cancer mechanisms and population studies. We strongly believe that with this knowledge, products and advising we could ensure a better quality of life of individuals in Slovenia as well as in broader Europe.


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