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Dobrna Thermal Health Resort.
Source of health since 1403.

The Dobrna Thermalh Health Resort is a contemporary and dynamic health resort and tourist centre. The health resort merges gifts of nature with contemporary medical science, which places it at the exact top of Slovenian tourism. The famous tradition that goes back to the 15th century, climate and an amazing natural environment, relaxation, quality care and services, companionship and recreation; all these are factors that have from old attracted guests from around the world.

Terme Dobrna is Slovenia’s oldest working health resort. The springs have been known since Roman times and the first mention in written sources dates from 1403. The soon-to-be-renovated spa hotel – the Zdraviliški Dom – was built in 1624. It is famous for its marble baths, which have survived to the present day.

The stories of its glorious past are peopled by characters such as the Empress Maria Theresa, Count Hoyosh, Napoleon’s brother and other notabilities.

The Dobrna spa has the longest tradition in the field of treating gynaecological illnesses with natural and medical factors.

Within the Medical Centre complex, a clinic, laboratory, and a therapeutic centre, operate. They perform preventive and control examinations, consultations with specialists, and certain laboratory tests, bone tissue density measurements, and ultrasound diagnostics.


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