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In company Unior, in the Tourism program, under the Unitur brand, are operating two supreme centers: Natural Thermal Spa Zreče on 395 meters above sea level and the Rogla Climate spa on 1517 m above sea level.

The town of Zreče – young, attractive and friendly – has grown up in the embrace of the vast Pohorje forests, at the point where the torrential river Dravinja grows calmer, connecting the world of the mountains with the vineyardcovered Dravinja Hills. It shares its youth and vitality with a modern spa that takes advantage of all the natural advantages of the area.

Just half an hour’s drive from Terme Zreče is the Rogla climatic health, skiing and sports centre. Rogla is the only climate spa in Slovenia, where the temperature in the summer season never exceeds 24 °C. It is an excellent area for treating the problems of the respiratory system and pulmonary diseases as well as allergic conditions. With a mild mountain climate and endless opportunities for sport and recreation, it is the perfect complement to the spa – all year round.

At Thermal Spa Zreče there is always something you can do for yourself and for your health. Warm acratothermal water, invigorating baths, soothing compresses and traditional medical therapies strengthen health and improve wellbeing. A unique natural remedy, Pohorje peat, is notable for its ecological purity and effectiveness in treating and alleviating rheumatic and other disorders. relaxation and pampering. A wide variety of massages, baths and relaxation programmes to fill you with new energy and restore body and soul – total pleasure and relaxation for even the most demanding guest. You can choose from among a range of massages of different kinds, in combination with healing herbs, essential oils, salts and mud. The Sawaddee traditional Thai therapy centre occupies a special place. In the Sauna Village you will be caressed by warmth, intoxicated by aroma and invigorated by colours and sound. Our chefs will pamper you with fine food – accompanied by wines from the surrounding vineyards.


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