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Cardio Wellness Vasacor FIT. Where your heart feels good.

Cardio Wellness Vasacor Fit is a unique cardio wellness centre in Slovenia, under the direct supervision of a renowned cardiologist. Our premises and content have been imaginatively placed within the Wellness Centre Zala at Terme Topolšica, to integrate with and upgrade its existing wellness programmes.

It is our mission to maintain and strengthen your cardiovascular system. We want to help every visitor achieve optimal long-term health, well-being and the goals of a healthy lifestyle.

State-of-the-art technology, a scientific approach and commitment to our mission provide our visitors with an evaluation of their current well-being and fitness levels, and with clear and comprehensible instructions on how to improve and maintain them throughout their lives. Together with our team of experts (sport teachers, medical staff, nutritionist, psychologist) we create programmes to improve and strengthen your health and long-term well-being.

We believe sufficient exercise, appropriate nutrition and relaxation are crucial to your long-term personal wellness, and we therefore pay them special attention. With scientific methods and technology, we perform a multidimensional evaluation of your current health and fitness using physical (aerobic capacity, muscular strength, flexibility), biochemical (body composition, mass, nutrition) and psychological (views, lifestyle, emotions, spirituality, stress) indicators. A customised multidimensional programme of physical exercise, nutrition and relaxation is created on the basis of the established wellness quotient (WQ). Support and monitoring is provided to reach realistic goals and continually control your progress.

Irrespective of our visitors' goals, our cardio wellness programme tells them where they are at the moment and where they should be, and provides them with a plan of how to get there. This is the key to success and satisfaction.


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