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Vita - Slovenian professional health-education magazine







The health-education magazine Vita was registered on the 11.1.1995 at the Government office for Information of the Republic of Slovenia and was registered on the list of public newspapers as a professional health-education magazine, after that it was registered at the Ministry of Culture. The Ministry of Health admitted in 1999 that the magazine Vita is of national significance. Vita is published by the Press agency Morel, Ljubljana. The ISSN of the professional health-education magazine Vita is 1318-6620. ISSN of the magazine Vita on Internet (at www.revijavita.si and www.revija-vita.com) is 1581-3339. The magazine is distributed free of charge. The funds required for its publishing are provided by the income from selling advertising messages.


The purpose of health-education magazine Vita is to inform public, contribute to raising healthy families and help patients, to offer patients a professional publication, which enables them to renew their knowledge of the disease, to promote Slovenian doctors, nurses and other health professionals, medicine and health care, to offer schools educational material, to provide reading for patients in waiting rooms, to encourage the Slovenians to maintain ther health and provide them with health-education literature.


Each issue of the magazine has 16 pages of A4 size varnished paper (75 grams). Every number of health-education magazine Vita includes seven professional articles. Each of these articles is marked with a white number on a dark blue background. The abstract of an article is aligned with the dark border containing the number. Authors approach the structure of professional article but it has to be written in simple language with few foreign expressions and without unexplained abbrevitations or Latin terms. Up to six numbers of the health-education magazine Vita are every year: the issues are thematic and cover different areas of medicine. In 50 issues we have presented six professional areas: healthy life, contagious diseases, chronic diseases, addictions, healthy sex and care for others. 39 professors, 43 doctors of science, 66 spacialists, 101 medical doctors of science, 66 specialists, 101 medical doctors, 26 others health workers with university degrees and 59 registered nurses, who have together written 435 articles, have contributed to these 74 issues of the health-education magazine Vita.


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